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Meet Evie

I am the biggest fan of my two awesome kids, and the best friend of my husband of 11 years.  Autumn is the most beautiful season, in my opinion, and I find great inspiration in bright colors, kind people, and creative expression.


<< << << Me and my family << << <<


 “Joy” is not only the name of my business, but my middle name as well, which I am happy to also share with my 2 sisters, my mother, and now my daughter!  Joy is my deepest desire in life, my biggest hope for the world, and the greatest Gift we were ever given... share in the Joy with me!


I’m a people-person.  Relationships mean more to me than most anything else in life.  When you experience Joy Photo, you’ll feel like my friend, not just a business transaction.  And that’s how we’ll spend our time together; getting to know each other over coffee, telling our stories of life, laughing and maybe even crying -which wouldn’t be the first time- because that’s what life is all about; friendships.

Photography became my form of expression and excitement back in 2001, when an award-winning photographer in Portland, OR handed me a camera and said "Evie, join me at my next wedding!". He taught me all of his tricks and secrets to professional photography.  Now here I am, 15 years later, offering the same for you... with my own twist!


Funny hats. Sun on my face. My kid's laughs. A genuine compliment. Completing a project. Fall. Freshly brewed coffee. Yummy scents. Stories of improbable achievement. A clean house. Helping someone.

These are the things that make me smile. I have come to believe -and hope- there is still so much life to live (yes, even after 30), and smiles to be had! What makes you smile?