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The Easy-Choice-List was birthed while on an insightful car ride around town, excitedly voice-dictating my thoughts to my iphone.  "I want to know why I should choose A or B when investing.  So do they!"


I wish everyone provided this.


So at the risk of sounding boastful, consider this your Easy-Choice-List as you make your decision.


1// I value quality.  Quality photography, quality service, quality products, quality people.  Not just to offer to you as my client, but also in what I receive from vendors and labs I work with.

2// I value service from our beginning touch point and beyond.

3// I value honesty. 

4// I value personal growth, learning, and improving.  I am always dreaming up new ideas, and ways to improve myself, my photography skills, my business, and the way I treat you, my client.

5// I hire only top quality professionals to work beside me, such as qualified Hair and Makeup Artists, and Photographers and Assistants, who provide the professionalism, creativity, fun personality, and beauty that I know you are looking (and paying) for.

6// I work and push really hard to perfect my images and have them ready for you one week after your photo shoot or wedding, which is, surprisingly, hard to find in the photography community.  Even as a stay-at-home-working-mom with children at my feet, I work hard to have your photos ready quickly.

7// I put a high priority on time with my clients, and you see this in many areas of my business, such as:

-Including Engagement Sessions in my Wedding Packages so we can get comfortable with one another before your Big Day

-In-person meetings throughout our entire experience together; Coffee Consultations, Viewing Parties, and Handoffs. 

You are simply too important to me to trust the mail system with your purchased products, or the internet and wireless network alone for our communication.  Afterall, isn't life found in friendships?


8// Unlike the low-end, new photographers, I have business experience as well as photography experience. 

9// Other photographers I know do not allow you to choose your photos for your own album.  I do.  Furthermore, I allow you opportunities to revise your album so it is to your liking.  Your style combined with my professionalism, create beautiful artwork.

10// I invest in training, continuing my education, experimenting with new and the latest trends.  I invest in new products and equipment, in order to create beautiful artwork.  I continually grow and discover what inspires me, so that I can offer that to my clients.

11// I reply to my client's inquiries and messages quickly, because your time is just as valuable as mine.

12// I custom make Save-the-Dates, Invitations, and Thank You notes to fit your style and impress your guests and friends, which, just like your album, you get a say in the final product.

13// My website is mobile compatible, which means you can conveniently view and share your photos from your mobile devices.

14// I print your products through professional labs which I have tested and approved for high quality products.  Not all photolabs have made the cut, despite their cheaper costs to me.  I package and wrap your prints and products by hand, so they are quality through and through, and to the end.

15// I offer referral rewards when clients refer others to me with their kind words. 

16// I take the time to thank people personally with cards, emails and phone calls, and even send creative Christmas cards every year to show how much I care and am thinking about you.


17// My family is more important to me than work.  I always strive to balance my home/work life by having regular dates with my husband, playing "Dr." with my son, and making my daughter giggle.

18// Finally, after over 12 years of photography experience, and seven years of running my own business, despite its challenges, I have not burned out.


The (easy) choice is yours.  Need more convincing? 

Let me treat you to coffee so we can become friends!